Automation: A new era for market research

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How do we respond to the ever-pressing need of economic stakeholders to make decisions and act in real time? In this respect, automation confirms its usefulness time and time again in the market research process. The quantity of information available, as well as time and budget constraints, explain the rapid adoption of automation and new technologies.

Be part of the Real-Time Research phenomenon

Look around you! Many industries are currently in the throes of change and transformation, adapting to the present digital reality of social networks and interactions between individuals and real time, bringing with it the need to decide and act quickly. With automation, it is the speed of obtaining results which is at stake, a crucial challenge for competitiveness.

Automation hand-in-hand with the democratization of market research

The acceleration of shrinking budgets, the necessary agility of marketing teams and new challenges are all reasons that explain the growing success of market research and its automation.


Automation saves time. With this new process, we challenge the dominant methods that make traditional market research take so much longer. A traditional exploration study takes several months, whilst an automated study takes mere weeks.

Less expensive

Saving time means saving money. This is the strength of automated market research. Although free market research is not a viable alternative, its automation allows, with a careful implementation, the increase and maintenance of quality and a decrease in errors. This leads to a reduction in costs caused by these hazards. Smaller companies are now able to carry out studies, which was previously impossible for cost reasons.

Automation will enable you to increase in speed and efficiency. For example, it produces the constituent elements of the graphical analyses and displays of results, as well as the clear infographic. Similarly, recent progress in textual analysis makes it possible to more effectively analyze answers to open questions.

Keeping the human touch

Automated market research requires human support

Automated solutions are key, but they should always be used alongside humans. Companies will always need human support. In any case, automated processes can never fully replace the work carried out by a human. Automation should not be viewed as being incompatible, but more as a synergy between the two, meeting the twin demands of cost and speed.

Whilst it may be true that is becoming easier to carry out “bad” market research, it is also a fact that the democratization of access to powerful tools opens new avenues. The field of market research has disruptive innovations, just like any other field.  These are opportunities for all concerned to move closer to greater efficiency and relevance at lower cost.

And you, have you ever used an automated exploratory study to test your market potential?

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