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An innovation project is a series of steps and just as many decisions that need to be taken in order to guide your project in the right direction. Our tool helps you converge towards the strongest market expectations by constantly interacting with the right professionals. This, in turn, ensures that you build a profitable and sustainable business.

You would like to identify opportunities to innovate in a certain field, and to do so, you need to understand the stakes for the professionals in that field, the problems they encounter and their expectations.

These are the questions you might ask:

  • What are their current and future challenges?
  • Do they have any unresolved issues?
  • What trends are they in favor of: areas of development, sectoral evolutions…?

You suspect there is an unresolved need on the market and thus, an opportunity to innovate. However, before moving forward, you need to confirm this need actually exists and how critical it is for market players.

These are the questions you might ask:

  • Is the need critical in the eyes of market players?
  • What alternatives are available to them today?
  • Is there an opportunity to innovate?

You are facing a problem regarding your company or your market, and you’d like to find innovative solutions to resolve it. We help find solutions that are not visible online, in journals or bibliographies, but that are known by market players: solutions developed internally, solutions used for other applications, ideas for new solutions not yet developed, etc.

These are the questions you might ask:

  • Are there solutions that have been or are being developed elsewhere?
  • Are they applicable to my problem?
  • Which partners could help me?

Regardless of the level of maturity (idea, concept, development…) or the nature of your innovation (product, technology, service, process…), you want to validate the fact that your innovation meets market expectations in order to ensure its adoption.

These are the questions you might ask:

  • Does my innovation really meet the needs of market players?
  • What value do they perceive?
  • What could be their barriers to adoption?

You would like to discover the application markets where your innovation is of interest. You would also like to widen the possibilities by exploring new fields and detecting new opportunities.

These are the questions you might ask:

  • Who has needs that my innovation can address?
  • Can market professionals envision using my solution?
  • What are their expectations and hindrances?

You have already identified several markets of interest for your innovation. Now you want to rank them depending on their inclination, and determine the segment that is most likely to adopt your innovation.

These are the questions you might ask:

  • Who needs my innovation the most?
  • Who is most willing to adopt my solution?
  • Who perceives the most value?

You have already validated the market interest of your solution. Before commercializing it, you now want to adjust your value proposition, business model and pricing by perfectly aligning it with market expectations.

These are the questions you might ask:

  • What is the key selling point in their eyes?
  • What business model do they prefer?
  • What price are they willing to pay?

You would like to identify partners for co-innovation or co-development: distributors, customers, beta testers, etc.

These are the questions you might ask:

  • Which actors are ready to get involved in my project?
  • How would they like to contribute?
  • How do they imagine the continuation and the results of our collaboration?

You want to identify the projects which merit investing time and money. For this, you should streamline your arbitrations and optimize your resource allocation.

These are the questions you might ask:

  • What projects should I invest in?
  • On the other hand, which projects do not have enough potential?
  • How can I optimize my resource allocation?

Our method

UMI is the Market Test tool for innovation projects. We have developed algorithms that make it possible to reach out to professionals who are relevant for each innovation project (future users, clients, partners…) all over the world, and gives them the opportunity to respond.


In 1 month

50 feedback



Automatic contact with relevant market professionals and collection of feedback.

Innovative deliverables

In one month, you get a representative and objective view of the market’s perception of your project. Our deliverables are adapted depending on the objectives: presentation to an executive committee, data analysis, arbitration, sharing…

Market report

Our key deliverable: it consolidates all of the collected feedback which is organized and synthesized on an ergonomic web interface. For every question asked to the market, there is an expert conclusion written by your Market Test Manager.

  • Filter the data by business segment, geographical area, etc.
  • Switch from a summary view to a complete view of your results
  • Easily share a link to your results with your colleagues

Executive report

Our most effective deliverable: in 3 PDF slides, it summarizes the results of your Market Test. It is highly appreciated by executive committees who want to quickly assess a project’s potential and make a decision.
  • Easily communicate the conclusions in 3 slides
  • Share the document with your colleagues by email
  • Easily print the slides in A4 format

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