Innovative B2B feedback

Our market survey technology is simply the most powerful technology of its kind ever designed. For the past few years, every single day, we have been developing and combining Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Semantic Web to bring you a Market Test tool unlike any other.

Module de recherche UMI

One billion accessible professionals

Custom-designed, our proprietary algorithms explore the web in real time with an unlimited reach. You now have access to professionals from all around the world.
Module de matching IA UMI

The perfect match

Based on 6 years of algorithmic learning, Machine Learning is at the core of matching your innovation project to relevant professionals, with incomparable precision.
Module d'emails prédictifs UMI

The right message at the right time

Interacting with thousands of professionals every day, our predictive email module optimizes the messages and when to send (dates/times) according to the profile and geographical area in order to guarantee the best response rate.
Module de synthèse vidéo UMI

Customized results view

Customizable according to your needs, your market report can be filtered using tags thanks to the automatic segmentation and qualification of the collected data.

Safety, our work ethic

We are uncompromising about the protection of personal data. Each of our technological bricks follows the ISO 27001 recommendations and the ISO 9001 certification.

Real-time reach

Innovation is a world that is ever-changing with the various players changing just as quickly. This is why our algorithms build dynamic panels of professionals that are adapted to each of your projects.
accessible professionals thanks to our algorithms

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